Tim Burton

Photo courtesy of MoMA

A few weeks ago, I attended the extraordinary MoMA Tim Burton retrospective at the TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre in Toronto. As one of my favourite directors/visionaries, I was really excited to get the chance to see this exhibit.

Tim Burton Exhibition
At the Tim Burton Exhibit with Marcus, Jason and Michael. Photo courtesy of Jason Howlett.

I think my love affair with Tim started with Beetlejuice and then Edward Scissorhands and also Batman but the movie that truly captured my heart is The Nightmare Before Christmas. The stop motion animated film just astounded me with it’s visuals and dark and twisted tale. From that moment on, it was love!

I was so inspired after seeing all of Tim Burton’s personal notes and sketches and paintings that I took out all of my art supplies and my drawing pad and starting putting some thoughts and sketches on paper.

Here is my drawing inspired by the Tim Burton exhibition. Encouraged by my friend Marcus, I’m going to try to incorporate fashion into all of my drawings. I was looking for a Wednesday Addams style of dress and found just the right look in the 2008 Chanel pre-fall collection.

A closeup


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