Happy December!

I know, I’ve been MIA. Call it what you will: burnt-out, uninspired, lazy… I just haven’t blogged or drawn a single thing in weeks?! Eeeks! So this post is making up for my absence.

The Paper Place introduced their new Card Club (buy 11, get one FREE!) on December 1st and to celebrate, they were offering free calligraphy. I was really excited to visit, as it’s one of my favourite shops in the city. They carry handmade, decorative Japanese papers, cards, notepads, tools, etc. Basically, everything you would want/need for papercrafting and more. I also love calligraphy and illuminated manuscripts and couldn’t wait to see Rajiv Surendra work his magic with pen and ink.

Rajiv has developed his own unique style of calligraphy and it is absolutely stunning. It took longer for the ink to dry on the paper than it did for him to write/draw Happy Holidays. I was in awe. He said he has been doing calligraphy for about 10 years and he brought his own antique work table (probably originally a sewing table from Waterloo) and slanted writing box with him to the store. I asked him for his business card but he had run out, so he just drew on the scrap piece of blue paper shown above. Amazing!

P.S. I googled Rajiv and it turns out, he’s also an actor. He was head Mathlete Kevin Gnapoor in MEAN GIRLS! :) Awesome!

P.P.S. The Paper Place is doing a holiday giveaway. Enter today!


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