Toronto Fashion Week FW12

March 12–16 was Fashion Week in Toronto { World MasterCard FashionWeek }. The week-long event featured some of the shining stars in Canadian fashion including: Smythe, Mackage, Vawk, Line, Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan, David Dixon and Arthur Mendonça to name just a few.

This year, as MasterCard was the sponsor, they rolled out a campaign called Stylicity with offers at various retailers and restaurants around the city – but hurry, it all ends this weekend! I was lucky enough to get to indulge in a little brunch at Nyood and shopping along West Queen West and Queen West with my friend Kendall as she was chosen to write for this section of the city for the Stylicity blog.

I was invited by fellow illustrator Wendy Ding to attend the Rudsak show. I was so excited as this was my very first time attending a fashion show! I also have to give thanks to Kendall once again because she graciously allowed me to sit with her in the VIP section! Thank you!

It’s sort of how you imagine it to be from watching Fashion Television for years. People milling about, finding their seats, looking to see if there’s anyone “important” in the front row. The lights dim, an introductory video plays and creates a backdrop for the show you’re about to see. The soundtrack starts and the runway is slowly lit in sequence as the first model emerges and starts her walk down the runway.

Being from Canada, outerwear is VERY important and that’s the main focus of the Rudsak brand. The collection was urban, and the styling was sleek. It was all about leather and black and fur accents. I also want to note that they have fantastic accessories as well. I confess to owning gloves, boots, a bag and even a scarf from Rudsak. Hmmm… it looks like all I’m missing is a coat!

Live sketching is REALLY hard! So, this is basically the only sketch that turned out half decent enough to show you (sorry). I furiously scribbled in my sketchbook as the models started coming down the runway, but everything moves so fast, it’s hard to get anything resembling a shape, let alone any details. I was also trying to take photos for reference with my iPhone but as you can tell, it is NOT a good substitute for a camera (the 3GS model anyway).

In the end, I have to say that it was a wonderful experience and I look forward to more!


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