Marc Jacobs Fall 2012

So, you’re probably wondering what happened with my illustrations… truth is, I needed a break. I work all day as a designer at an ad agency and some days, it’s pretty stressful. So for the past little while, I’ve just been decompressing. I’ve been watching TV, reading, surfing the net, just hanging out and doing nothing. Sometimes, you just need that time to recharge and relax and have no other commitments or obligations.

Let’s face it though, anything worth doing is a LOT of work. Drawing and painting takes a LOT of time. Blogging takes a LOT of commitment. So, while I won’t say that I’m going to stick to a strict schedule, I will say that I’m going to keep posting. It may not be all about my illustrations, but it will be about stuff that I like and am interested in.

Hopefully you’ll continue to follow me on this journey, through this blog. xo


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