The Trading Tortoise is coming!

Alright! I found out about this Kickstarter project on Magic Pony’s blog but I have been following Souther Salazar on Instagram for quite a while. I’m a big fan of his work so it’s pretty exciting that the journey of the Trading Tortoise will be kicking off in Toronto on June 16th along with a solo show at Narwhal.

So, what exactly is the Trading Tortoise? Well, it’s a travelling art project that was created by Souther Salazar and his wife Monica Choy. At each stop, they are inviting visitors to bring an object, story or creation/artwork to exchange for something else that they’ve found, created or traded. Each item received will be tagged and documented on their website so that you can eventually find out where in the world your object ended up. How cool is that?

The end results of this tour will culminate in a show at the Jonathan LeVine gallery in May 2013. I can’t wait to visit the Trading Tortoise and I might create something to trade. What fun! See you there?!


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