A collaborative movement

Illustrationism is described as a movement and event that encourages illustrators and admirers to collaborate and participate by sharing their work through social media.

I attended Sheridan college’s inaugural conference in Toronto (in April… I’m a little behind in posting… I know…) It was a full day of discussion, collaboration and networking. The panelists were industry experts and leaders in their fields. They shared their insights and success stories.

I illustrated a few of the great quotes by the panelists.

I learned that there are channels out there for everyone to provide content for. Some statistics were given that boggles the mind. 1 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook in one single day. There are 290 million tweets per day. But also, think about what you’re putting out there. Yes, content is king, but is your content shareable? What is your overarching story and what will be your legacy?

Some highlights for me were Rethink‘s video of the launch of Toronto’s The Grid weekly newspaper (which I shared earlier). Students from Sheridan were enlisted to make chalk drawings on the streets and sidewalks around the newspaper boxes at 5am. I remember seeing these chalk drawings that morning and thought ‘this is great guerilla marketing!’ I also loved seeing Matt Hammill‘s demo of his award-winning game Gesundheit!. Bob Hambly shared so much wisdom and some laughs as he showed us a few gems from his bad logo collection.

The conference ended with the 2012 Sheridan Illustration grad show. I was in awe of such a talented group of graduates and I wish them all great success. I came away inspired and with so much more enthusiasm for the creative work that I do.

You too can join this collaborative social movement! Simply tag your photos with the illustrationism hashtag using Twitter or Instagram and your images will be added to the ever-growing collection on the Illustrationism website.


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