Gucci | Cut & Craft contest

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a little something I created for Gucci‘s Cut & Craft Facebook contest.

You can download paper templates for these iconic handbags—the Jackie, the New Bamboo, and the Stirrup and then decorate them and put them together. As soon as I saw the shape of the Stirrup bag, I knew what I wanted to design. I already had owls on the brain since beginning the redesign of my portfolio site, so that’s where I started. For me, the owl symbolizes wisdom, protection, mystery and intuition—all good things.

I imagine the woman wearing this owl mask is going to some fantastical party at a medieval castle in the middle of the woods in the dark of night.

You can watch the paper version of the Stirrup bag come to life in this video:

The contest is now live so check out their Facebook page and make your own Gucci bag today!


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