New York diary – day 2

“These streets will make you feel brand new.” Especially when you buy yourself a brand new wardrobe! Day 2 in New York was our shopping day.

The day began with breakfast at Balthazar. Cappuccino, Le Panier and a side of fruit. I know, that sounds like a lot of food right?! Well, it was enough for 4 people but we just had to try a little bit of everything. Keep this in mind for later!

We spent the morning shopping in SoHo. I fell in love with Paper Source. It’s a card and stationery store full of crafty goodness. Of course, we also hit up some of my fave stores including: Madewell, AllSaints Spitafields, Uniqlo and Prada.

Then we made our way to Warby Parker. I love, love, love their glasses. I couldn’t make up my mind. I currently have 3 (okay, 4) on my wish list. They offer really great styles and the glasses are very affordable. Plus, they give back! You gotta love that.

Onto the subway and up to the Upper East Side. Our first stop was Barneys. And since it was after 3, time for a quick bite at Genes@Co-op where you order your food on touchscreen tables. We both ordered salads which came in very generous sizes. A little too much maybe but very good nonetheless. While Gigi was busy shopping, I was gawking at Rumor Willis who was also shopping at Co-op. (I don’t know what she bought, I lost track of her at some point!) Anyway, we continued our shopping at Bergdorf’s and Bloomingdale’s.

After a long day of shopping, we were exhausted. So, it was back to the hotel and then to a mom & pop Japanese restaurant across the street called Hiroko’s Place. It’s homestyle Japanese cooking. Of course, we had to order 3 mains, just to try… haha! Comfort food – just what we needed.

P.S. Here’s the google map of the places we visited on day 2.


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