The Happy Show – Stefan Sagmeister


If you love design, you’ve no doubt heard of designer/typographer/artist Stefan Sagmeister. He started his company in New York to bring together his love of music and design and is best known for his poster of Lou Reed and for album cover art for The Rolling Stones and other musicians. He is also known for pushing the envelope and credits his sabbaticals for rejuvenating his love of design and for creating his innovative projects.

happy2Images courtesy of Sagmeister & Walsh

The Happy Show is the result of a decade-long exploration of happiness and I had the chance to check it out at the Design Exchange on its final weekend in Toronto.


I love how Sagmeister transformed every space of the third floor of the Design Exchange starting with the elevator (inside and out) to the yellow walls with bold graphics and hand-painted notes. The interactive displays were fantastic (once people got them to work). I only just figured out that when you look in the mirror, the ‘happy’ turns to ‘show’. Very clever! Unfortunately, the camera I brought with me had no battery life left so I had to use my iPhone instead. Sorry for the poor quality!

Below are the film titles for The Happy Film, a documentary about Sagmeister exploring the idea of whether or not you can train your mind to be happy like you can train your body to be stronger. The film will be released later this year. Can’t wait!


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