Make Art That Sells – week 4: wall art


Week 4 was super fun. Our mini was to do a little scavenger hunt and to gather elements based on colours of our astrological sign: items that had texture, things that were round and things that were linear.

The final assignment was an abstract collage canvas. It may be hard to see, but I have pieces of paper bag, tin foil, burlap, magazine pages and scrapbook paper mod podged to a canvas and then I painted over them.

This was definitely the fun part. I had never really done any painting with acrylics before. I went out and got a beginner’s set at Michael’s. I had so much fun painting that I started watching YouTube videos as I wanted to know how to mix colours to get some of the vibrant hues that I saw on some paintings and came across Will Kemp Art School. What a great resource for a beginner like me.

I finished my piece in Photoshop mainly because I didn’t want to mess up the background which came out exactly as I had hoped. The final touch was a quote that I typed on some Dymo labels and scanned in.


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