Cat studies


So I caved and bought the watercolor brush pack from Kyle T Webster and I figured I could use my cat studies from The White Cat assignment to test them out. Really love how they look so much like watercolour!

Make Art That Sells – Week 5: Gift


Week 5 was for the gift market. Our mini was to draw items from things that we collect. I have several collections including shells, beach glass, vintage fashion magazines, stickers, jewellery and nail polish (ha!).

I started drawing my nail polish collection and also my jewellery collection and then I remembered that I had taken lots of photos of flowers and I started to paint flowers with my acrylics because I became obsessed with painting.

Our final assignment was to create a zipper pouch. I tried adding photos and doing an inkblot pattern à la Mary Katrantzou but it just didn’t look right. Again, I composed everything in photoshop. I will also revisit this project to make the coin pouch different than the large pouch but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Hopefully I will get to take some more of Lilla’s classes. I learned so much and it was a great experience.

Make Art That Sells – week 4: wall art


Week 4 was super fun. Our mini was to do a little scavenger hunt and to gather elements based on colours of our astrological sign: items that had texture, things that were round and things that were linear.

The final assignment was an abstract collage canvas. It may be hard to see, but I have pieces of paper bag, tin foil, burlap, magazine pages and scrapbook paper mod podged to a canvas and then I painted over them.

This was definitely the fun part. I had never really done any painting with acrylics before. I went out and got a beginner’s set at Michael’s. I had so much fun painting that I started watching YouTube videos as I wanted to know how to mix colours to get some of the vibrant hues that I saw on some paintings and came across Will Kemp Art School. What a great resource for a beginner like me.

I finished my piece in Photoshop mainly because I didn’t want to mess up the background which came out exactly as I had hoped. The final touch was a quote that I typed on some Dymo labels and scanned in.

Make Art That Sells – week 2: Home Décor


For week 2, our mini was to draw some pottery. It was quirky and weird and ultimately, I didn’t use any art that I had initially drawn.

The final assignment which was to design a collection of ceramic plates that you would find at Anthropologie or Crate & Barrel.

I will probably re-work this set as I don’t think it has enough contrast.

P.S. While I was working on this assignement, I bought an awesome set of tool presets for Photoshop by Kyle T Webster: Kyle’s Ultimate Megapack for Photoshop. Totally worth it and I’m thinking of buying the real watercolor set as well.


Make Art That Sells – week 1: bolt fabric


At the last minute, I signed up for this great course called Make Art That Sells – Part A by Lilla Rogers. And boy, I’m really glad that I did. It was a whirlwind, intense, crazy 5 weeks and I did a lot more creatively than I have in a long, long time.

Week one was all about bolt fabric. How cool would it be to see your designs in a fabric store, and people making clothing and accessories with your art on it? Cool, right?!

Every week started with a mini exercise and then the final project was based on what we had drawn. Our mini was to find some interesting pasta shapes and to draw them and also to draw some vintage Pyrex dishes.

I tweaked my final design and posted in on Spoonflower and it will be for sale soon.